Blue Series

(Istanbul 1990-1992)

The artist explains in his notes how he started the Blue Series, which he would produce continuously in 1990-92 with a completely different character while he was planning to make completely different paintings after the money exhibition at Gallery BM in 1990, "… but I saw a painting in my dream. The chemistry of the dream is different. It was a striking dream that so that I would not forget it. Just one color. Two black shapes on a dark blue and partly white background. The two forms on it were stationary with clear contours. Oh my! Where did this painting come from?.. It had nothing to do with what I did or what I was going to do. It was something completely different". Thus, he began to paint the Blue Series. He painted and burned hundreds of them, and he added to his notes that he painted and exhibited these paintings out curiosity wondering what they were and hoping that someone would say something about them or make use of them in some way. After continuing this intense production for 2 years, Sinkil could not find what he was looking for and quit painting with a kind of resentment, which he described in his notes as "It was as if I was cheated by my own art". This period, in which he continued only to teach, lasted for six years, and in 1997 he started to produce paintings again in Antalya, where he moved.
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