Lycian Coins

(Antalya First Period 1997-2015)

"Does art show us something new or does it add to what has been done before?"

"The fact that the art production in Antalya aims to reach new contemporary results by establishing a connection with the cultural past without ignoring international norms will ensure the emergence of different original works. The fact that Antalya becomes an art center depends on the emergence of works of its own quality. In addition, it is clear that this will provide positive contributions to areas such as urban aesthetics, tourism and decoration.

In this respect, the exhibition is about the coins used in our region before Christ.

The interesting narratives on it, the irregular handcrafted external forms, the abstraction created by the new aesthetic taste gained thanks to the erosion of time can be a source for us to reach contemporary, new and hodiern results.

When viewed with today's knowledge and artistic thought, apart from archaeological determinations and interpretations, it has been interpreted in a painting language, which is not too far away from the original with its feature of making it possible to reach the forms suitable for producing new thoughts, in order to be instructive and because of the inadequate awareness towards it."

M.S. notes

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