(Istanbul 1978-1982)

Murat Sinkil became a student of Mürşide İçmeli and Mustafa Ayaz at the Gazi Education Institute (GEE / 1973-76), where he received his first painting education. After graduation, he gave his first painting lessons in Soma, where he went as part of his compulsory service. In his notes, he mentioned his first taste of being a teacher, which he would continue for a lifetime as follows: "I loved teaching. I loved the brilliant young people who facing impossibilities. They loved me, too". Afterwards, he applied to IDGSA (Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, today's MSGSU) with a need to deepen his art, and he was accepted from the 2nd year and became a student of Mehmet Güleryüz, who was an assistant at that time in Neşet Günal's workshop (1978). He graduated in 1983 as the extraordinary student of this extraordinary teacher. In Sinkil’s memoirs-paintings in the Flash Back series, we can see his teacher's criticisms that left a mark on him.

The artist's creation of the first examples of the Sinkil Money series including the painted on 5 liras with which he participated in the 2nd New Trends exhibition in 1979, coincides with his student life.
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